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43, טלה, Usa, Wonderland
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עדיפות מיניתסטרייט
גובה< '5 '[150 ס"מ]
משקל100-120 פאונד [46-55 ק"ג]
אתניותלטיני / היספני
שפותספרדית, אנגלית
עיר הבית
שיער ערווהשעירי
מה מחרמן אותי
dirty talk,kinky stuff,Im open mind. dont be shy tell me your fantasies. In my room u can be friendly and be talkative. My friendship is free in my room. But NEVER demand or ask me anything unless you read my topic and u are ready to tip for my body or show. otherwise...... dont waste your time. NOT EVEN A.... Can u stand up for me? yes. I can stand up but if u see me chilling sitting and u are in hurry... just tip... i wont stand up just cuz u ask.... Sorrry!
Hi, my name is Bella. A sexy milf . Im here to give everyone a great time.
מה לא מדליק אותי
Begging, assholes, rude, racist, . Don't come to my room asking me to stand up or show u my ass . If u want something send a tip with a note
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